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Happy belated New Year (+ other stuff)

1/2/14 by Yoshiii343
Updated 1/2/14

Eyyyyy it's 2014 already. It almost feels unreal for some reason.

Anyway, hope you all had a fun new year, and a better year ahead of ye.

About the national service thing...

I'll be going this Saturday (4th Jan), till March. So, consider this as my last newspost for the next 3 months.

Not to make things sounds overly dramatic, but if I ever offended, annoyed, wronged or did all of the things stated to you in any form, I'm sorry.


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Listen to Victor Wooten, he'll get you on the right track.



That's a bass on the icon. And Yoshi plays bass if I remember well.



Why do you have a icon of someone with a guitar, do you even play the guitar?

1/30/14 Yoshiii343 responds:

*sorry for late response, got a 4 day holiday from national service
It's a bass, and yes, I do play the bass (although I'm super shitty at it).



I have no ideas what it is. But the name makes me guess a lil' about it. I'm sure you'll be back with new experiences, and maybe an unexpected wisdom ^^
see you later, Yosh !

Good luck- this will hopefully be a good experience for you.

1/3/14 Yoshiii343 responds:

Thanks, man.