how do i metal/reggae/funk

2013-01-15 10:04:58 by Yoshiii343

Considering that I've somehow renewed my interest in playing my dusty, rusty, amp-less bass; I figured I might as well try to learn genres that I used to enjoy before I found that "wub wub"s sound just as enjoyable.

If anyone knows where can I find resources about the genres stated in the title, do leave a comment with the link, would you kindly.

P.S.: I have no method to record my shite bass sk1llz, but if you have any suggestions on that, leave a comment about it. :)


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2013-01-15 11:46:11

You can start by playing some simple songs. Like rock 'n' roll. Also, it's good to learn music theory so you can actually write some good stuff.

Yoshiii343 responds:

Any suggestions on those simple songs? I do know some at my (mental) disposal, but it's always good to have some more.

I know a wee bit about music theory, but rarely utilize it much. :/