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oooh, jazz and dnb. haven't heard that combination in a while

can't say much about the piano and synths, since they're perfect as they are

as for the bass, maybe you could use one with a bit more movement (modulation? idr the exact term) as opposed as just a sub bass, for texture [EDIT: for example, a hoover bass]

for the drums, instead of just fills or removing the hi hats/cymbals for transitions, you could strip it down to the snares and/or hats. the choice of samples is great, though.

WolfgangMiakoda responds:

Very fair criticism! I'll definitely take that with me once I get back to finishing this piece! Ironically, I've never been that good at either drums or bass, so a genre that focusses on those two elements specifically has always been challenging for me. I am really happy you enjoyed the piece, though!


love the atmosphere in this! really reminds me of old school metal, which im assuming is what you're aiming for

my one criticism is the production of the drums. that kick and snare should be a bit louder, with the hi hats and crashes be quieter. maybe even use different samples, since it sounds really weak.

around 2 minutes in (during the second half, especially), i hear some what i think is uneven volume (from strumming or plucking?) with the bass. perhaps some compression would help with that?

the guitars, however, is perfect. really no complains here.

but overall, this is a really nice track! just some issues with the production, which can be fixed.

Banana-head responds:

Thanks for the review! Im very limited on my drum machine sounds, ill try EQing the bass and treble next time and see how it sounds. Im still learning how to mix stuff and honestly the level im at right now is still "i hava no idea of what im doing", but im learning!

Hello there!
Making a DnB beat (or any kind of beat, really) is pretty easy...but making a GOOD one is the hard part.

On to the actual review!

- That piano melody is lovely.
- You should decrease the amount of detune of the synth. Or detune the piano a bit more.
- Try introducing dynamics to the drums, the snare in particular (as in, making some hits softer than the others).
- Adding effects (like a build-up white noise sound) and probably a cymbal hit would make this sound a lot better.

Occasional musician/producer.


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