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Holy shit. This is beautiful.


Short and sweet. I like it.
Dammit, I learn how to draw, animate, and use bloody Flash.

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A rather hard game, I'll give you that.
Also, is there a way to tell how long a day goes? Or how to fast forward the time?

Well...looks like I found my favorite music game. :D
The melodies are rather simple, yet they're well made. I love it.

FilipeSheepwolf responds:


The melodies are simple because of 2 reasons: I wasnt trying to compose my biggest and most complex melodies to put them on a free game X3


They really have to be simple, because wou will mix a lot of different loops, they should sound good, otherwise, this would be much more confuse and the music would soud like garbage.

Simple songs, so they all sound good even if they are mixed with other loops :#

It's a really good game, and it promotes teamwork (in a way).
What pisses me off is, whenever I load the game, there would be an error (Error #2048, to be exact).
I don't know if I'm the only one who has this.

Jiggmin responds:

Sorry workin' on the servers. Thanks for the review!

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Hello there!
Making a DnB beat (or any kind of beat, really) is pretty easy...but making a GOOD one is the hard part.

On to the actual review!

- That piano melody is lovely.
- You should decrease the amount of detune of the synth. Or detune the piano a bit more.
- Try introducing dynamics to the drums, the snare in particular (as in, making some hits softer than the others).
- Adding effects (like a build-up white noise sound) and probably a cymbal hit would make this sound a lot better.

I actually thought you made a track for him.
5/5 would recommend

Something tells me that's not a piano playing, but rather a Eastern stringed instrument (a koto, perhaps?).

- I really love the mixing in this.
- You could try varying that beat a little. Maybe throw in a cymbal every 2-4 bars or change that kick snare pattern?
- That koto melody gets a bit repetitive. Have another instrument playing something else would fix that.
- I think you should probably add another 30 seconds to this WIP (make it a full minute, basically).

jbarnett responds:

theres piano AND a plucked string synth in there

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