any of you folks play Dota 2?

2013-02-17 02:03:21 by Yoshiii343

a cool friend of mine gave me a beta key the other day
i've just installed it, and i was wondering if any of you fellers can get me acquainted with the game...


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2013-02-17 16:24:31

never tired it, do you like it? reccomend it? or is it meh...?

Yoshiii343 responds:

Played it, for like, an hour yesterday.
It's was pretty meh. (Probably because I had the misfortune to play with 2 Russian dudes, and 2 more dudes who left mid-game)

If you have a below average reaction speed, I suggest you play with your friends (to avoid butthurt).


2013-02-25 18:22:54

You know the star for your picture broke.. Need some duct tape?

Yoshiii343 responds:

nah it'd probably sort itsself out