i had a dream

2013-05-11 06:47:27 by Yoshiii343

...where I had 50+ fans. Is it a premonition? (probably not)

also: you folks can have this


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2013-05-11 08:29:37

50+ fans isn't really that hard to get

You must dream deeper, dream the impossible

(Updated ) Yoshiii343 responds:

considering how most of my work are fairly sub-par, i can't hope too much or i'll end up being disappointed real quick


2013-05-11 16:51:43

Haha, you'll get there!

Yoshiii343 responds:



2013-05-12 18:23:53

ahhhh i remember when i had only 7 fans :P now i have more than 100 fans but you should know something , you might have a lot of fans but only few of them r your real friends who will stand with you and catch your back ... 1+fan :)

Yoshiii343 responds:

i remember when i had 3 fans
now i have 3x8 fans


2013-05-13 06:44:17

I had a dream, where I had only 2 fans.


2013-05-13 06:44:33

Should I add you to fav?

Yoshiii343 responds:

only if you really want to


2013-05-21 18:11:27

I guess it's a miracle I even have 10 fans. :/

Yoshiii343 responds:

and besides, having 10 fans with 16 audio submissions isn't that bad. It took me 20+ submissions before I got to 10.


2013-05-28 00:24:22

Wish I can add you to favorite for a 2nd time. YOLO.

Yoshiii343 responds:



2013-05-29 11:13:04

Dafaq, it's almost half a year and I didn't even fav you yet.

Now faved. You should be halfway from your dream.

Yoshiii343 responds:

i'm feeling a bit down earlier, and now I feel a bit refreshed thanks to you and me not giving as many fucks as I used to