I'm finally home.

2014-03-18 02:52:53 by Yoshiii343

National service is finally over. Now remember when I wrote about how this whole national service thing is a waste of time?


I'd like to take those words back. All of it.

That is all.


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2014-03-18 04:12:14

Glad you came out of the experience for the better!
Now, about that airliner.... http://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/topic/1362397/1

Yoshiii343 responds:

Uh...yeah, about that...considering the nature of this site, I'll avoid that thread, thank you.


2014-03-18 15:26:50

You're probably right. Still, I don't think anyone would mess with a veteran, regardless of which country they serve. So you were drafted into the Army? Hopefully your service will help in finding a new job :)

(Updated ) Yoshiii343 responds:

Ahahaha, give me about 20+ years of service in the army then you can call me a veteran. I wasn't exactly drafted into the army. It's more of a programme made to train the youngsters how not to fuck up the country in the future.

However, I can actually join the army slightly more easier...assuming I pass their filtering processes. But for now, I can be considered as part of a reserve army, in case of emergencies or war and such.


2014-03-18 19:47:13

Did you meet anyone particularly outstanding?

Yoshiii343 responds: