Made a blog!

2014-04-04 17:49:30 by Yoshiii343

Haaaayyy what's up again? I just made a blog ( [also, I think I might miss the old news post system :(  do people even use Blogspot these days?]), so I'm probably gonna try and post stuff (mainly personal and/or the stuff I intend to do with the blog [see first post of said blog]) over there.


So if ye got the time or interest, go give it a look!

Oh, and if you have tips on stress management, do post 'em here. I really need them.




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2014-04-04 19:21:28

Working out and during the day and meditation at night works wonders for me. Do you do anything to deal with stress right now?

Yoshiii343 responds:

Besides going on a (mainly chocolate) eating binge, whining, and swearing endlessly? Not really.


2014-04-04 19:37:29

Finding an outlet for aggressive energy that is physically/mentally demanding and enjoyable is one of the best ways to handle stress, in my experience at least! If you're looking for a sort of "on-the-spot treatment," controlling your breathing helps tremendously. Try doing it even when a situation isn't stressful.


2014-04-05 14:58:05

Blogs are cool. I guess ._. Like.. Diaries..