4th of August 2014 (update)

2014-08-04 10:45:42 by Yoshiii343

What's up? I know I haven't been posting much (the forums, newsposts and audio), but I'm still around. Just lurking.

For those of you wondering what's up with me:


  • I've decided to become one with the cool kids and got a smartphone (a Lenovo A369i, to be precise)
  • I'm going to college starting this Saturday (9th of August), studying Broadcasting & Film.
  • I took up Muay Thai at a local gym to combat (pun intended) my asthma (and possibly compete, if Allah wills it)
  • I've bought tickets to an anime/manga convention, Animangaki. It's a local con held since 2009. It'll also be my first time going to a con, so expect pictures and stuff!
  • I'm still trying to find material to update my blog with. If you didn't know, I made a blog on http://yoshiii343.blogspot.com/ (inb4 no one uses Blogspot anymore [I still don't know how to handle the new newspost system thing to save a life] and I would feature underground/underrated artists and review a track or 2 from them. So far there's only 2 featured artists from SoundCloud...and tagged under "SoundCloud Spelunking". I should probably rename that to something more...universal.


Edit: I've been thinking of migrating my blog to Wordpress. What do you folks think about it? How is Wordpress better than Blogspot (or vice versa)?


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2014-08-04 22:43:38

Cool kid

Yoshiii343 responds:



2014-08-04 22:47:11

I wish I didnt have asthma too :(

Yoshiii343 responds:

Yeaaaaa, but it's getting slightly better so now it's just a matter of me to keep maintaining me health.


2014-08-05 20:09:33

Good luck in college and your gym training. Hopefully you'll get a lot better in health.

Yoshiii343 responds:

Thank you!