Back from Animangaki!

2014-08-10 06:50:11 by Yoshiii343

Haaaaayyyy I'm back from my first con! I had one hell of a time, but my wallet did not. Here's the stuff I got from the artists' alleys. They cost roughly RM40 (that's like, 12 bucks). Also, pardon the image quality. Using a smartphone and having jittery hands make a terrible photo.


Here's two of the cosplayers I met there:

4053835_140766780933_tumblr_na361c2fmD1rdcosyo7_250.jpg 4053835_140766780873_tumblr_na361c2fmD1rdcosyo8_250.jpg


Check out the rest of the pics on my Tumblr!

What I bought

Cosplayers (Part 1, Part 2)

Artists' Alley


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2014-10-02 21:23:27

Anime events are really fun >.<
12 bucks? Here in Brazil it would be like, 30 bucks.

Yoshiii343 responds:

Damn you, currency exchange rates!