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1 year, 7 months (update)

2017-01-28 18:45:20 by Yoshiii343

That's how long time has passed since my last news post.

My circumstances hasn't really improved, but I'm still better off than most folks. Things could be better, that's for certain.

Anyway, I've recently uploaded a new track, so give that a listen.


I'm still around.

2015-07-15 14:56:39 by Yoshiii343

Just been a little bit busy with life.

How's everyone doing?


2014-11-26 00:22:39 by Yoshiii343

aw yiss

one step closer to super stardom


Codelink V3

2014-10-03 14:06:31 by Yoshiii343

It's gonna start production around this month, and momoguru's looking for people to start a development team!

(Forum thread)

If you love hacking games, or you're looking for projects to hop on, this is your chance!

Back from Animangaki!

2014-08-10 06:50:11 by Yoshiii343

Haaaaayyyy I'm back from my first con! I had one hell of a time, but my wallet did not. Here's the stuff I got from the artists' alleys. They cost roughly RM40 (that's like, 12 bucks). Also, pardon the image quality. Using a smartphone and having jittery hands make a terrible photo.


Here's two of the cosplayers I met there:

4053835_140766780933_tumblr_na361c2fmD1rdcosyo7_250.jpg 4053835_140766780873_tumblr_na361c2fmD1rdcosyo8_250.jpg


Check out the rest of the pics on my Tumblr!

What I bought

Cosplayers (Part 1, Part 2)

Artists' Alley

4th of August 2014 (update)

2014-08-04 10:45:42 by Yoshiii343

What's up? I know I haven't been posting much (the forums, newsposts and audio), but I'm still around. Just lurking.

For those of you wondering what's up with me:


  • I've decided to become one with the cool kids and got a smartphone (a Lenovo A369i, to be precise)
  • I'm going to college starting this Saturday (9th of August), studying Broadcasting & Film.
  • I took up Muay Thai at a local gym to combat (pun intended) my asthma (and possibly compete, if Allah wills it)
  • I've bought tickets to an anime/manga convention, Animangaki. It's a local con held since 2009. It'll also be my first time going to a con, so expect pictures and stuff!
  • I'm still trying to find material to update my blog with. If you didn't know, I made a blog on http://yoshiii343.blogspot.com/ (inb4 no one uses Blogspot anymore [I still don't know how to handle the new newspost system thing to save a life] and I would feature underground/underrated artists and review a track or 2 from them. So far there's only 2 featured artists from SoundCloud...and tagged under "SoundCloud Spelunking". I should probably rename that to something more...universal.


Edit: I've been thinking of migrating my blog to Wordpress. What do you folks think about it? How is Wordpress better than Blogspot (or vice versa)?

And here's the game.

I feel so honoured right now.

Made a blog!

2014-04-04 17:49:30 by Yoshiii343

Haaaayyy what's up again? I just made a blog (http://yoshiii343.blogspot.com/ [also, I think I might miss the old news post system :(  do people even use Blogspot these days?]), so I'm probably gonna try and post stuff (mainly personal and/or the stuff I intend to do with the blog [see first post of said blog]) over there.


So if ye got the time or interest, go give it a look!

Oh, and if you have tips on stress management, do post 'em here. I really need them.



What I've been doing lately

2014-03-29 17:22:11 by Yoshiii343

It's been 11 days since I posted anything worthwhile, but damn, it felt like months had passed. Anyway, here's what I've been doing:


- It's 5:14 a.m. as I'm writing this, but I've decided to take the plunge, begin my journey to become a boxer and make a workout routine (and stick to it!).

- I got a part time job at a certain fast food chain (lets not name it, they probably got moles everywhere) on Monday. If you have tips on how to not feel too tired and moody at the end of the day, do leave a comment.


So...yeah. It feels weird not waking up in the morning, getting ready for school or getting scolded by the teachers from camp.

I'm finally home.

2014-03-18 02:52:53 by Yoshiii343

National service is finally over. Now remember when I wrote about how this whole national service thing is a waste of time?


I'd like to take those words back. All of it.

That is all.