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2012-08-07 12:58:53 by Yoshiii343

I'm joining it. I'll be representing my own country, Malaysia, so expect something traditional because I'm not very creative in adding something modern to it.


2012-07-30 03:02:14 by Yoshiii343

Remember a couple of days ago when I intend to (at least) try to release an album every year of my "best work"?

Now, assuming that someone is incredibly sweet enough to pay for the album, how the hell will I receive the payment? PayPal's just trolling me, says I need to be 18 to make an account (I'm 16, as shown in my userpage)...


Click this. Don't ask questions.

I've got a question for you guys...

2012-07-26 11:34:03 by Yoshiii343

In an effort to make me work hard/improve myself/make a fool out of myself, I was thinking of making an album of my least horrible work every year. In other words, releasing an album annually on Bandcamp, for a really, really, REALLY low price (somewhere between free and a couple of Singapore dollars).

Now, I have about 19 songs uploaded here (most of them are down-right embarrassing), but due to me being unable to accept humiliation, have went ahead and DELETED most the project files.

So...right now, I'm thinking of remaking the survivors from my project-deletion-camp and make them slightly better AND PUTTING THEM IN THE ANNUAL ALBUM. What do you guys think?

Also, here are what's left of my projects.

arp.flp = Glitch practice
collab v1.2.flp = my part of this. (was never used, cause I forgot to submit it, used an older version instead)
crap-dustrial.flp = This.
creepy.flp = music for my friend's flash game project (a pokemon hack, if I recall) that is supposed to start next year.
felyne march.flp = NYAAA~
gunpowder plot.flp = wip
minor.flp = IMO the least crappy music I've done
sub bass.flp = beeps n shiz
team collab.flp = a follow-up team collab, organized by Zelazon, with my partner Trampzy
this path leads me on (dubstep remix) = first remix

*edit: remaking sawngs and putting them in the sort-of "best songs of <insert year here>" album is my main point, totally forgot to mention that*

I've got a question for you guys...

Update of 20th July 2012

2012-07-20 12:08:51 by Yoshiii343


....Okay, enough Tom's foolery, and lets get down to business.
Since I upload audio periodically, I thought by making a monthly (on the middle of each month, I guess?) news post so that I feel famous and important.

I don't know if anyone knows this, I'm a Muslim and tomorrow (at least in my country) is when Ramadhan begins (fasting, being charitable, etc.) so....just thought I'd tell you guise what's on.

Right now, I'm working on a couple of things:

Zelazon's Team Music Collab (with this good man.)
A partially Monster Hunter-inspired piano piece (WIP)
and, of course, a less crappy dubstep track (entitled "Enraged", is subject to change if someone says something witty enough).

And that's it, I guess. And don't forget to check my stuff at my SoundCloud. I'll only upload stuff there that I think isn't completely a waste of bandwidth.

A good external audio interface for a laptop?

2012-07-07 13:04:05 by Yoshiii343

I'm no gear tech expert pro xXM4st3RXx 420 here, but I'd like to fill myself with disillusion by thinking that top notch gear = great music + no. 1 on Beatport.

But in all seriousness, I'd like to try recording myself playing bass horribly, post it here and let the hate flow in. I don't have any budget set yet, but I prefer something that is good for the hobbyist and doesn't burn a hole in my pocket.

Any suggestions?

Half step drum beats

2012-06-30 09:36:43 by Yoshiii343

I FREAKING love them.
Is this bad news for my future music productions?

oiuytre (ignore this)

2012-06-14 10:48:58 by Yoshiii343


Making this news post for the lulz.

Third time's a charm, eh?

2012-05-13 02:23:31 by Yoshiii343

Okay, remember the last news post where my bandmates and I are doing some trance-fusion thing? Well, don't expect it to be done anytime soon, cause we're having exams (I should be studying to tell you the truth).

Also, the link down here is a preview of a song I'm working on. It's almost done, though. Tell me what you think about it:
http://soundcloud.com/yoshiii343/third-times-a-c harm-preview

I've finally got the band together, and we've decided to make a song.
An electro/fusion kinda song. Not sure if it'll turn up good, but hey, anything's worth a shot.

Also, I'm posting this news post to caress my ego.

After all this time...

2012-04-10 02:44:57 by Yoshiii343

...all of my audio submissions are already approved...
...and not many people listen to it.