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free album?

2013-01-02 07:59:56 by Yoshiii343

*copy pasted from tumblr because I'm lazy

Oh hello there, reader! Do you hate certain kinds of music? Dime-a-dozen electronic music, in particular? Ever found one of those albums with a hipster-esque covers? Does seeing something like that make you sick? Or how about those name-your-price kind of albums? Does that disgust you too?

Well too bad, because the collection of my best works from 2012 that I am about to present to you fits all that criteria.


Features 8 of my tracks from 2012 + 2 songs barely made for this album, mastered for your aural displeasure.

*Note: considering I have limited free download credits, the first 100 people can get this shizz for free. If you're not one of those folks, don't fret. Try again next month!

A new news post

2012-12-02 07:34:11 by Yoshiii343

I haven't been updating lately because I'm really, really lazy.
But if you guys/girls are interested in what I have been doing...

I'm making the music for RandomocityStudio's upcoming game, Memory is Key. I'll keep you guys noted when it's out (probably early next year, or so).

I'm busy playing The Movies: Stunts and Effects (an oldie, but a goodie), and I'm genuinely surprised that I'm doing quite well at it.

*edit, 4th December*

And here's another remix.

nu riimyx

2012-11-02 00:28:43 by Yoshiii343

Everything you need to know is in the description there.

nu riimyx

NG people are funny ones, eh?

2012-09-29 23:41:27 by Yoshiii343

Post a WIP, get 4+ stars (or something). Post finished version, get 2-3 stars.


Also, I got last place (17th) in the RAC.
go malaysia


2012-09-21 08:44:51 by Yoshiii343

I FINALLY got Source Filmmaker to install, after many fruitless attempts at installing it.
Expect bad shorts coming to my YT channel.

witty title

2012-09-17 15:13:25 by Yoshiii343

uploaded a remix on SC: http://soundcloud.com/yoshiii343/gangnam-style-y oshiii343-remix
a wip: http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/503506

also, if you're reading this, i intend to make/release an album that contain all of my least shite work of 2012 + songs made just for the album next year. it'll be for free (at least for the first 200 people) on bandcamp.

there you go my darlings

Whenever-I-Feel-Like-It Update of August 2012

2012-08-21 12:16:07 by Yoshiii343

hallo nu-grounds
Okay, last week I've posted my entry to NeonProject's Represent A Country contest. And from the looks of it, it doesn't seem good, which is what happens when someone who knows next to nothing about a country's music enters a competition which main point is to make a song influenced by a country's music.

Some WIPs I've been working. One's something 8-bit-ish, and the other is some DnB, where I show how bad I am at working with samples. Not uploaded here is another DnB track, that sounds gypsy-ish.

After asking the cute audio mod, BFP (who is totally not obsessed with his/her lover in a very unhealthy manner, by the way), a Chrono Trigger DnB remake is under production, so expect your childhood to be disappointed with a really bad remake of an old gem.

Last week, I joined Not Strictly Dubstep's contest, and here is the song that I made for that competition.

I've had a bad start this week. Hope things will pick up.

During my 5-month period here on NG, out of all of my audio submissions, not one person gave a review about the mixing/mastering. The reviews I got are often about the dynamics of certain instruments (natural sounding instruments, especially), suggestions to replace an instrument, making a different melody that compliments the bassline, adding variations of certain patterns (the beat, or something), but nothing about the mixing or mastering.

Just something I noticed recently. During production, I do put a certain amount of effort on the mixing, but they're (in my opinion) slight edits that I'm not sure if you'd notice it, like EQ-ing, bit-crushing, adjusting volumes of each instrument so none is overpowering the other (for some reason, I seem to give priority to the kick, snare, and bass instruments) , and compressing (although very rarely).

Am I doing it (the mixing, and stuff) properly? Does it sound bad/weird/off in any way?

When you're deciding on the album cover, which of these would you do?

a) Find a good artist, and commission him/her to make an EP/album cover to your specifications.
b) Make the EP/album cover yourself.


c) Find an image or a photo/picture you fancy of the web, and contact it's original creator/web host to use said image/photo/picture for your EP/album cover.

i'm making a pretty cool dubstep sawng

2012-08-10 16:20:20 by Yoshiii343

...I think. Expect to see it next NovembNEVER

Here it is.
cool dubstep sawng

i'm making a pretty cool dubstep sawng