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Uploading some older stuff

2013-04-14 04:51:39 by Yoshiii343

And all of them use a lot of break samples.
At this point, I might run of out those samples.


2013-03-26 00:29:14 by Yoshiii343

Do you like hardcore techno or gabber? No?
Well fuck you. I made a hardcore-ish remix of Daenine's Target Finder for a remix competition or something.

Also The Freq (also known as SpaceWhale here on Newgrounds) has a remix comp too. And here's my entry (the only one so far...it feels so lonely in here...).


voting session for DJ Fresh's "Louder" remix contest is on


Update (2/3/2013)

2013-03-02 01:11:29 by Yoshiii343

- Yesterday was my 17th birthday. Can't wait to graduate. I need some time to be alone.
- DJ Fresh's "Louder" remix contest's voting session starts on the 5th of March. Give it a listen, if you haven't already.
- To those who may concern on Skype: I'm terribly sorry I'm not on it lately. School and bad sleeping patterns aren't a good combination.

...Yep. That's just it.

I have this urge to make a game...

2013-02-26 02:03:07 by Yoshiii343

...but if you were (un)lucky enough to catch my super shitty first game (that somehow fukken managed to pass judgement), I'm no game programmer/designer. Hell, I don't think I should be allowed by law to refer myself as such.

Meh, guess I'll just finish up writing it and post it on a later news post.

Hey, guess what? I've finished writing the first part of the story of that game.

any of you folks play Dota 2?

2013-02-17 02:03:21 by Yoshiii343

a cool friend of mine gave me a beta key the other day
i've just installed it, and i was wondering if any of you fellers can get me acquainted with the game...

FREE 1 year Soundcloud Premium Solo account

2013-02-15 10:46:02 by Yoshiii343

2 legit to quit.

thanks to this i've now made some tracks on my Soundcloud downloadable.

*edit 16/2/2013
looks like the giveaway is over...

i entered 2 remix comps

2013-02-05 02:51:11 by Yoshiii343

updated link

* I hope that'll lead to the right submissiion adfhiurw

also this remyx

stratkat's remix album!

2013-01-27 03:17:20 by Yoshiii343

Bandcamp link
Alt. link (Mediafire [320kps .mp3s])

So, a couple of months ago, stratkat sent me a PM regarding making remixes of his tracks for a free remix album. I decided to join in, and made a remix of Angelic Strain and =MyHero=.

how do i metal/reggae/funk

2013-01-15 10:04:58 by Yoshiii343

Considering that I've somehow renewed my interest in playing my dusty, rusty, amp-less bass; I figured I might as well try to learn genres that I used to enjoy before I found that "wub wub"s sound just as enjoyable.

If anyone knows where can I find resources about the genres stated in the title, do leave a comment with the link, would you kindly.

P.S.: I have no method to record my shite bass sk1llz, but if you have any suggestions on that, leave a comment about it. :)