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Updaet (as of 19/8/2013)

2013-08-19 11:22:45 by Yoshiii343

laptop's been sent for repairs, will get it back soon enough
i'm having the trials for my finals, just did the first paper today (which was English)
aaaand i'm having a lot of trouble finding a capellas here on NG (it ain't updated very often)

anyway, how's your day?

i feel like shit

2013-07-20 11:43:28 by Yoshiii343

i had started collabs but never finished them
joined groups, but contribute nothing to them

maybe i'll revive all those collabs in 2014

hw do i hip-hawp

2013-07-09 11:52:20 by Yoshiii343

i made, like, 4-6 different attempts at it (making a beat, and not rapping i mean) and it's real tough.
if anyone ever gives you shit for making hip-hop, smack 'em in the esophagus

also, long time no see

new producer name

2013-06-04 13:00:47 by Yoshiii343

I might regret this.

new producer name

No, I'm not gonna change my username. But having Yoshiii343 as a producer name looks off.
So if follow me on Soundcloud and notice my display name changing a few times, that's why.

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2013-05-29 11:48:18 by Yoshiii343

You know, several days since my laptop screen broke (for some reason), I've been reflecting a bit on some stuff in my life.

As most of you would already know, I'm in my senior year in high school, and I have a pretty important ("pretty important" is an understatement) exam in about 5-6 months. And the trial for that exam begins in either less than 2 months or 4 months. I'm not sure. Now, I was never really a high achieving student during those 5 years I spent in high school (middle school included, cause I don't know how the education system works outside of Meh-laysia). But right now, I feel like an idiot. I feel like I can reach more, but given the time remaining and the amount of stuff I have to cover, I'm not very confident.

Then there's university/college, and I'm not sure whether to follow my passion (learning audio engineering or something related to that), or learn/do something that has a better working opportunities (either computer science, or something programming related). Probably a bit early for me to think, tho.

On the music production end, whenever I listen to music from underrated artists (from NG and otherwise), I feel as if their material is much much better than mine. I would always think, "these people have rather limited resources and do this on their spare time...but why are they so good?". (But then I'd stopped giving a fuck about sounding as good as these people, and be either better than them, or do stuff the way I enjoy it.)

Then I start to question why I got into music in the first place. Was it because my brother is doing it too? Is it for the fame and fortune? Am I genuinely interested in conveying my emotions and thoughts via music?

But then I stopped caring and carry on.

i had a dream

2013-05-11 06:47:27 by Yoshiii343

...where I had 50+ fans. Is it a premonition? (probably not)

also: you folks can have this

trance wip thing

2013-04-29 12:05:43 by Yoshiii343

linky link

my first attempt at trence
feedbeck will b appreciatud

I need your opinion

2013-04-21 08:16:02 by Yoshiii343

I've just uploaded this 9-minute-life-wasting track on SoundCloud, and I think it's pretty good.

Good enough to the point I'm (somewhat) confident enough to feel like sending it to some electronic music promoter on JewTube.

But since I have this constant fear of rejection, I haven't done that yet. I want your opinion on the track.
I know what you're thinking: "Why don't you just upload it here on NG, and ask for reviews?"
Well...I don't really feel like putting this track for free downloads...yet (pretty certain that the craftier folks will find a way to get their crafty hands on this anyway).

So, in other words, I'm giving you the license to be completely frank with me. I won't bite, nor would I be angry.
Leave a comment here, on this newspost or leave a (timed) comment on the track itself on SoundCloud.

P.S.: I know the track is long...so I'll probably send a 2-4 minute preview to the promoter.